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2023 Publications

Auger B, Nevalainen L, Blais JM, Thienpont JR, Korosi JB (2023) A comparative paleolimnological analysis of Chydorus exposure to ultraviolet radiation associated with shoreline retrogressive thaw slumping in lakes of the Mackenzie Delta uplands (Northwest Territories, Canada). Journal of Paleolimnology. 70(3): 193-204,

- Paper can be accessed here

Coleman KA, Hoskin GN, Chasmer L, Thienpont JR, Quinton WL, Korosi JB (2023) Limnology and diatom ecology of shallow lakes in a rapidly thawing discontinuous permafrost peatland. Inland Waters, 13(1): 13-29, doi:10.1080/20442041.2022.2144699.

- Paper can be accessed here

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