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Principal Investigators:

Dr. Jennifer Korosi
Associate Professor


Office: 242 Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Building

Lab: 047 Farquharson Building

Phone Number: 1-416-736-2100 ext. 22491

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Dr. Joshua Thienpont
Assistant Professor


Office: 241 Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Building

Lab: 047 Farquharson Building

Phone Number: 1-416-736-2100 ext. 22002

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PhD Students:

Kristen Coleman

Trajectories and drivers of limnological change in lakes near the southern limit of permafrost

Navjot Dhaliwal

Research interests: Knowledge braiding; Ecosystem Approach; Indigenous knowledge; Critical Systems Thinking; Boundary Science; Political Approaches; Political Geography; Resource Management; Indigenous-led Conservation

original_02d647a2-9242-4dec-b6a7-3fa3e55d84c6_PXL_20221111_173254430.PORTRAIT (1).jpg

Rebecca Gasman 

Cyanobacteria blooms in oligotrophic lakes of south-central Ontario and the Northwest Territories


Grace Hoskin 

Environmental change in lakes of the Northwest Territories related to thermokarst processes

Amanda Little

Seasons of change: The influence of seasonality and climate change on arsenic toxicity to plankton communities in mining-impacted lakes near Yellowknife (Northwest Territories, Canada)

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MSc Students:

Randelle Cheyanna Adano

Invertebrate indicators of recent environmental change in Lake Nipigon, northern Ontario

Victoria Carroll

Impacts of cryogenic landslides on foothill lakes in the Mackenzie Delta (Northwest Territories)

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Sorin-Alexandru Gruia

Paleolimnological study of a lake in the Mackenzie Delta region with a highly active thaw slump

20190429_155056 (2).jpg

Claire O'Hagan

Assessing the impacts of recent, intense permafrost thaw slumping on lakes in the Mackenzie Delta uplands, Northwest Territories, Canada


Rachel Pellegrino

Assessing recent environmental changes in Lake Nipigon (NW Ontario, Canada) using siliceous paleolimnological subfossils

Charlie West

Paleolimnological study of phytoplankton community responses to climate warming and permafrost thaw slumping in lakes in the Mackenzie Delta region


Thomas Wu

Long-term ecological change in the Łue Túé Sųĺai (Five Fish Lakes) region of the Dehcho, NWT


Undergraduate Students:

Altrisha Rodrigues

Phantom midges as bioindicators of legacy arsenic ecotoxicity in Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) lakes impacted by historic gold mining operations


Vesta Tajik

Reconstructing environmental change in Lake Nipigon using a paleolimnological approach

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