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Core Ideas: The Paleolimnology Podcast

Core Ideas is the podcast dedicated to paleolimnology, the science (and art) of reconstructing the past environments of fresh water systems. Whether you are an expert at collecting sediment cores and microscope identifications, or simply have an interest in environmental issues, we will help make the natural records that surround us as clear as mud.

Josh and our friend and colleague Dr. Adam Jeziorski have been producing the Core Ideas podcast since February of 2020. In addition to the back archive of more than 50 episodes (available on SoundCloud or wherever you get your favourite podcast) Adam curates a blog of associated show notes that provides a great resource on paleolimnology topics. Check out the Core Ideas website for more information and details. If you have any questions or comments, ideas for a future episode, or would be interested in joining us as a guest on the show, contact us via email

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